My Copyrights:

My downloadable tubes and other downloadable images may be used ONLY for personal, non-profit, family type sites. That is, your site must be 100% safe surfing for children of all ages, contain no bad language, porn, illegal activities, hate, or bigotry. They may NOT be used on products for sale. My work may NOT be distributed by any method or added to any other collections, either on media or on the Internet.

Other Copyrights:

Please respect the copyrights of images created by Precious Moments, Disney, Morehead, Amy Brown (fairies), and other artists. Many, many images have been illegally "tubed" for PSP. Ignorance of the copyright laws is no excuse. This all came to my attention when I stumbled upon a site which posted some email from a representative of Precious Moments telling the Web site owner to "remove your images now" or be liable for prosecution.

In fact, Precious Moments plainly states their copyrights on their Web site.

Amy Brown Art And how about all those fairies and other fantasy art by Amy Brown which we see tubed for Paint Shop Pro all over the Internet? UPDATE November 9, 2002: I just learned Amy has revoked all previous permissions to use her art. Please visit her site for details.

The best rule to use for Web sites (personal OR commercial):

ArtyCat Studio
August 14, 2000, I received written permission from Kayomi, the artist, to use any of her work as long as I do not use it for commercial purposes:

Hi, Joyce. Please feel free to use any of my images as long as your purpose is not commercial. I'm so glad you like my art!!! Enjoy !!!

Her URL:

How about Cicely Mary Barker's Faery Art? These are probably the most precious of all! At least that's my opinion. However, they are still under copyright laws:

© The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker/ Blackie and Son Ltd./ Frederick Warne & Co.

I have not yet found a site displaying her art or tubing it for PSP that also publishes a notice of written permission to do so. I desperately want to know the answer/solution. I'm only searching for information so I can use these fairies, too! And legally.

Statements such as the one below will not help, and are useless, if the owner of copyrights sues the person using images without permission:

~ Disclaimer ~ I do not own nor pretend to own any rights to the above pictures, information, or literature. Those are the property of the Estate of Cicely Mary Barker. The background was taken off another fan's website whom I will look up... The fairy is the Sloe Fairy. The animated GIF is of the Candytuft Fairy and is from the Flower Fairy statuettes site. Information was borrowed from Jane Laing's book Cicely Mary Barker and her Art. Special thanks to Zivit for swapping flower fairy info with me!:) I think that's it... ;)

For more information on copyrights, see these sites:
What Is Copyright and R.I.G.H.T.S. Copyrights extend to MIDI music, too - lyrics, is also copyrighted!

Check out The Home of The Stop Cases Of Online Plagiarism Network

Copyright Procedures Within The United States:   From the moment a work is created, the copyright is in effect. As an artist, you own the copyright with the first mark you draw on the paper. No further procedures are required.

BEFORE you use music on your Web site
Read this: Copyright/Royalty Info

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