#1 - Quick "Draw/Paint"

Quite by accident, I discovered a way to turn a picture or a tube into a "painting" or "drawing" or maybe you think it's more like a pencil sketch? Anyhow, the effect is SO good, and SO easy, I can't believe I haven't tried it before! It's actually over-sharpening images! That's it!

Open any picture, or place a tube in a new image - filled for not filled, your choice. For the sample here I filled with the background used on this site, then added a layer, then added the tube. Then from the Effects menu, select Sharpen, Sharpen. Repeat until you get the effect desired.

This is my Painted Rose tube. You can download it HERE.
Left: Before Sharpening, Right: After Sharpening 3 Times
UnsharpenedSharpened 3 Times

Effects vary according to the image/tube, so play with the Sharpen tool.
Sometimes you get a "needlework" image

See My Other Two Sharpened Samples

Sharpened 5 times [49 KB]
Sharpened 6 times [67 KB]

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