#10 - Heart of Gold

What you need:
Paint Shop Pro 7.04
Eye Candy 4000
My heart selections and my Eye Candy Corona settings. Download my selections and Eye Candy Corona settings. Put the three .sel files into a folder where you can find them; put jk-heartofgold into the Corona folder under Eye Candy 4000 Settings.


There are no screen shots, so you'll need a good working knowledge of PSP 7.
Create a new 500 x 500 transparent image. It has to be this size for the selections to work.

Remember to SAVE after each step.

Add a new raster layer
Selections/Load Selection 01heart.sel
Flood fill with color C00000

While still selected, use Eye Candy 4000, Glass, default settings - or they should be this [reading top to bottom]:

Inside marque checked, color same - C00000

Add a new raster layer
Selections/Load Selection 02heart.sel
FF same color

While still selected, apply same EC Glass
Apply Colors/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast, 33 brightness, 0 contrast
Apply drop shadow, vertical and horizontal of 3, opacity of 45, blur of 14, color black. Apply drop shadow again, changing vertical and horizontal to -3

Add a new raster layer
Selections/Load Selection 03heart.sel
Fill with pattern, Gold Fold. If you don't have it, use Effects, Texture, Gold.

Apply same drop shadow, vertical and horizontal to 3.
Apply drop shadow again changing vertical and horizontal to -3. Deselect

Apply Eye Candy Corona - Select jk-heartofgold from drop box
Add whatever text you want
I used pattern, Gold Fold, Libbyscript size 36

To make it brighter, select Colors/Adjust/Brightness and contrast to same as above, 33 and 0.

Make a copy of your saved psp heart of gold image, then on the copy, Merge Layers Invisible
Copy/Paste as a new image
Export as a tube.

To Animate

Make three copies of your original psp file, then close the original. Add 5 stars on each copy making sure they are in different places on each image.
Save as numbered psp files, then animate at 20 or whatever speed you prefer.

Here's Carol Green's image she made using this tutorial.

Created by CSGreen

You can visit her Web site by clicking HERE.

End of Tutorial!


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