#11 Framed "Needlepoint"

Paint Shop Pro 7.04
My Image of Flowers
My Inner Bevel and Outer Bevel Presets

Unzip flower image and open it in PSP. Unzip my bevel presets to your PSP Presets folder

1. Create a new 200 x 400 transparent image, 16.7 Million Colors

2. Make the digital flower image active, then Edit/Copy.

3. Make your new image active, then Edit/Paste/As New Layer. Close the original image.

4. Using the move tool, move the image around until it suits you

5. Select Effects/Texture Effects/Weave. Use these settings:
Gap Size 1; Width 1, Opacity 13, both colors black, check Fill Gaps, click OK.

6. Select Effects/Sharpen/Unsharp Mask, using these settings:
Radius 1.81, Strength 50, Clipping 5

7. Select Layers/Merge All {Flatten)

8. Select Image/Add Borders, 10, check Symmetric. Color doesn't matter.

9. Use Magic Wand tool, Tolerance and Feather both set to 0, Sample Merge unchecked. Click on the border to select it.

10. Select pattern from foreground styles, choose Finished Wood - or pattern of your choice - scale 100%, angle 45. Flood Fill border.

11. Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel. From the drop-down menu, find jk-frameinnerbevel, then apply it.

12. Effects/3D/Outer Bevel. From the drop-down menu, find jk-frameouterbevel, then apply it. Deselect

13. Add New Layer. Using the Text Tool, background fill color #FFFFC0, foreground null, Arial Font, Size 10, Floating, Antialias, Bold, type your name. Select Image/Rotate, Left 45.

14. Apply weave same as in Step #5. Move to place it, select Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow with these settings: Vertical and Horizontal 2, Opacity 85, Blur 8.6, Color black. Deselect

15. Select Layers/Merge All {Flatten). Save as JPG by selecting File/Export/JPG Optimizer. Set Compression value to between 5 and 10, click Format tab and click Standard. Click OK, select the folder you want to save it in, give it a name, click Save.

NOTE: Watch the byte size when compressing, but at the same time try to maintain quality. I used 10 on this image making the file 59,841 bytes. Using 5 was 75,946 bytes and not much clarity was lost going to 10. Adding borders to an image always increases the byte size.

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