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#12 - Soft Striped Tiles

What you need:
I used Paint Shop Pro 7.04, but you should be able to create this in any version.

We'll be making a striped tile to use as a fill or background tile. The image above shows it used as the background behind the mouse image.

1.    Open a new image 16 x 7 using your preference for a light background color.

2.   It will be very tiny, so zoom in on it at least 4 times.

3.    Choose a foreground color of a darker shade than the color you used for your background. Make the background null.

4.    Select the draw tool with these settings:

5.   Draw a stripe at 0,0 [you can see these numbers at the bottom left screen], then 4,0, then 8,0, and the last stripe at 12,0.

Here's My Tile
Left is actual size of 16 pixels by 7 pixels - I put a black border around it so you can see it. Ha!
Right image is enlarged 4 times with the zoom tool in PSP

My Tile - 16 pixels by 7 pixels    My tile enlarged 4 times

6. Export as a JPG. If you want your stripes to be horizontal, rotate the image 90 degrees an export again.

Besides using the tile as a fill pattern, use it for your background tile on Web pages. Here's some samples - each opens in a new window, close it to return here:

Sample #1 - Horizontal Stripes - Tan

Sample #2 - Vertical Stripes - Tan

Sample #3 - Vertical Stripes - Gold on Off-White

Sample #4 - Vertical Stripes - Aqua

Sample #5 - Vertical Stripes - Blue Tones

Sample #6 - Web Page Using an Image Map With the Vertical Stripe

Tip:   If you use a tile often for a fill pattern,
save it as a BMP to your Patterns folder under Paint Shop Pro.

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