#5 - Midas Touch [Turn Images to Silver and Gold]

This tip was discovered by WolfLady and posted in the PSPBuddies Group. With her kind permission, she has allowed me to add it to my PSP Quick Tips. Thank you, WolfLady! You can visit one of her lovely sites HERE.

Original Bunny Tube in the Center

Silver Bunny  Original Bunny  Gold bunny

Start with an image or tube you think will look terrific in silver or gold. Then follow the following steps:

Step #1: First, select these settings for Chrome.

Settings for Chrome

Note for PSP 6: The chrome setting is found under Images/Effects.

Step #2: Then use these settings. Be sure the Use Original Color is UNCHECKED. Results will be a silver image.

Chrome Settings

Another Step #2: In some cases, certain colors will remain in an image if you CHECK the Use Original Color - such as blue eyes on this bunny - plus a deeper depth appearance:

Original Color Checked  Blue-eyed Bunny in Silver

Step #3: Turn the silver into gold. Select Colors/Colorize. Set the Hue to 30 and the Saturation to 150. Result will be a beautiful gold image.

Gold Bunny

Warning:   This tip is extremely addictive! [grin]

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