#7 - Preventing Jaggies and Creating
Transparent Images in Animation Shop

Why does Animation Shop take your nicely smoothed edged images and convert them into jagged edges? I've never known the answer to this, but I DO know how to prevent it.

PSP files by themselves do not have jaggies. But sometimes, after using them in the Animation Wizard in Animation Shop you'll see the jaggies after saving the animation. What were once smooth edges around your images became jagged. Not acceptable to me!

Using a background for your PSP files to be animated prevents any jaggies from appearing. Animation Shop can't ruin it, but then the animation can't be displayed on anything except the same background used behind the PSP files.

I tried every which way to export the images as transparent GIFs within PSP, but that didn't work either - Animation Shop ruined those, too.

But, if you use the GIF Optimizer, and use the "Use Wizard" wizard button, the animation is free of jaggies. Though it is transparent for most light background colors and patterns, it is NOT transparent for dark colors and patterns.

In other words, all animations will NOT be 100% transparent for all background colors. If you want to assure 100% transparency for your Web site or stationery, then add a background layer to your images, then save as psp files and animate as usual.

Text Instructions:

1. File/Export/GIF Optimizer

2. Click on the "Use Wizard" button

3. No need to change colors, but tick the "Use existing transparent areas"

4. No need to change colors. Click the "Next" button

5. Tick "No, choose the best colors" then press the "Next" button. If you want your GIF image to have an outline of the color of your Web page, then use "Yes, use Web-safe colors only"

6. Under "Better image quality", make sure the slider is moved to the top as far as it will go, then press the "Next" button

7. Press the "Finish"

8. Save the GIF image to a folder where you can find it.

Sample of one image saved
Sample of one imaged saved

Visual Instructions:  Full-sized screen captures step by step. The page is a total of 353.47 KB, and will take time to download, so it's all on a separate page.

Screen Captures for Preventing Jaggies and Creating Transparent Images

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