#8 - A Mini-Tutorial

The above font is LibbyScript. To achieve the fat look for Fat Font, after filling with a wood pattern, I used the rectangle tool to surround the two words, then clicked on one of the letters which then selected only those two words. I then chose from the menu bar, Selections/Modify/Expand and expanded by 4 pixels. I again filled with the wood pattern and gave it a bevel. Screen shots follow with settings in green:

Typing the Text
Adjust the leading to suit your taste in how close the lines are to each other

Text Results

Wood Pattern Filled

Bottom Words Selected with Rectangle Tool
Modified by 4
You may need more or less

Filled Bottom Two Words with Wood Pattern.
Then selected all with the rectangle tool, clicked on a letter to select all,
then used a bevel

Bevel Settings

I used the crop tool and moved the edges in close, double-clicked to crop, then saved as a transparent GIF file by selecting File/Export/GIF Optimizer.

Many people have asked me how I manage to get my GIF files transparent, so I've made screen captures for all the settings I use for most of my transparent files in Tip #9.

Creating Transparent GIFs

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