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Read this, please!You may use my tubes freely for non-profit and family type g-rated purposes. No link or credit is required. If you decide to link to my site, your own site must be 100% safe surfing for children of all ages, contain no bad language, porn, illegal activities, hate, or bigotry, and must NOT contain links to other sites with such things. My tubes may NOT be used on products for sale. My work may NOT be added to any other collections, placed on sites for download, nor added to any media for distribution or for sale. If you have a non-profit organization and would like to use a tube or image for products such as mugs, cards, etc., then please write to me with all details and I'll probably give permission. For more information about the use of any graphics you find on the Internet, read  the Copyrights page.

Tubes are from digital photos with permission of the owners and from Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact tutorials, from things I render in Poser, or from royalty-free photos. There are NO tubes of real people made from photos.

Some of my tubes were made in PSP 7, a few in PSP 6, but since the release of PSP 8, I've been saving all files in Paint Shop Pro's native format, so instead of a .tub extension the files have a .psp extension. They are compatible with PSP 5 through 10 and can be opened in PhotoImpact, too.

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