Blinking Troll Tag

A Tutorial by Joyce Kohl
Written for Beginners Using Lots of Screen Captures

What you make from this tutorial is YOURS, but please do not claim the troll as yours. The original tutorial for the Lucky Troll is by CSGreen and can be found HERE. The method is MY idea and though many tutorials are available for blinking eyes, my method is different, and extremely easy.

You may use my troll [or any suitable tube], but do not claim ownership even though what you create using this tutorial belongs to you. And you may NOT add my troll tube to any other collection of tubes or share it with anyone.

Please read About Copyrights

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro 8. Other versions should work, too. You can download a trial copy of v8 from Jasc.
Download my troll or use a suitable tube of your choice. My troll tube is in psp format compatible with PSP 5, 6, 7, & 8. Then open it in PSP and export it.

Due to the numerous screen shots I've used to aid the beginner, this tutorial is graphics intensive.

Click HERE to see the results by testers of this tutorial prior to it going public.

Step #1: Open a new white image 400 x 400, 16 million colors. Add a new layer, name it tube.


Important: After completing Step #1, select File/Save As,

type a name for your image [I named mine working.psp} and then select the folder of your choice to save it in. Be sure to save your image as PSP 5 compatible - use the options button on the save as screen. And make sure the extension is psp and NOT pspimage. You will probably have to backspace over the characters leaving only psp. Animation Shop does NOT recognize PSP8 images.

From Step #2 to completion, use File/Save or click on the save icon on your menu bar after each step.
Step #2: Activate the tube tool and find jk-troll. Lower scale to 65 and place a troll in the center of your canvas.

Step #3: Add a drop shadow [optional], Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow. Use my settings or those of your choice.


If you want to add anything to your troll, such as a jewel in the tummy, add another new layer for each addition. Use a drop shadow if desired. Then continue with Step #4.

Step #4: Add a new layer - name it text. Use the eye dropper tool to select a foreground color and again for a background color. I used BF9B89 for the stroke [foreground] and D4BBAE for the fill [background]. Using the text tool and the font of your choice, type your name.

Step #5: Add a drop shadow, Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow with these settings:

Before drop shadow [left] and after drop shadow [right]. Yours should look similar.

Step #6:Your layer palette should have three layers now.

Right click on any layer and select Merge/Merge Visible. Or select from the menu bar, Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.

Step #7: Now grab the crop tool . Draw around the image being sure to include the drop shadow, and then double click in the center.

Step #8:
Right click on the merged layer and select duplicate. Rename the bottom layer blink 1. Rename the top layer blink 2. Keep the top layer, blink 2, activated [highlighted].
Step #9: Zoom in on eyes with the zoom tool. I zoomed to 200%.

Step #10: Click on the selection tool and use these settings:

Draw a circle inside one eye. Hold down the shift key and draw a circle in the other eye.

Step #11: Click on eyedropper tool and select a fill color from around the eyes - suitable for eyelids. Click on the flood tool and fill with your chosen color. I used C5A799. Deselect [Selections/None]

Step #12: You may have some dark pixels left. If you do, select the paint brush tool and carefully cover the pixels in the eyelid areas with the same color you chose for your fill. I used these settings:

I had a lot of pixels to cover.
When your eyelids look like eyelids, use the zoom tool again and right click until your image is backa to 100%.

My finished eyelids:

Step #13: The troll image is finished. Time to save two images for animation. Click on the eyeglasses on blink 1 to hide it. Highlight/activate top layer in your layer palette. It should be blink 2. Then Save As [see instructions at the beginning] blink2.psp. Unhide blink 1 by clicking on the eyeglasses again, then click on the eyeglasses on the blink 2 layer to hide the layer. Hightlight/activate the blink 1 layer, then save as blink1.psp

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