Animated Falling Flower made with Country Flower 2 tube by Joyce Kohl

Falling Flowers Tutorial

For Advanced Users

For Beginners

by Joyce Kohl

Supplies Needed:
Paint Shop Pro 7 and a tube. I used one of my tubes - click HERE to download my Country Flower

If you experience any problems send an email to describing the problem or error. I'll get back to you as soon as I can - usually within 24 hours.


Create a new image 64 x 256

Add a new Raster layer

Set your foreground to black; background to null.

Grab the draw tool, using these settings.
tool options freehand

Draw a line similar to this one. Ctrl+Z to undo it until it's about right.
It can be any direction you like and as curvy as you like.
curved line

Once you have your curved line drawn, duplicate the image five times by pressing Shift+D five times.
Save the first image as a template. Line up your five copies side by side.
Select the Tube Tool and find jk-countryflower2
Change the scale to 10

Stamp a flower near the top of the curved line in your first image.
It will look similar to this:
first flower

The flower is too large, so resize it to 50%, uncheck the all layers option.
resize screen

Make sure you're on the flower layer, then from the file menu select Edit/Copy.
Make sure your first image is active by clicking on the title bar.
Make your Move Tool active so it will be ready to move your newly pasted image around.
Some people prefer to use the eyedropper.
Then select Edit/Paste and select As New Layer.

Place the flower into on the curve below the first flower. Continue pasting the flowers as new layers until you have five flowers on your image #1. Then on your other four images, you'll place six images, moving them downward a bit each placement. When you've finished the first two images, they should look similar to these:

All five finished images beginning with #1 on the left and ending with #5 on the right.
This view was captured after I deleted my curved lines.
I wanted you to see these for flower placements in each image.
image 1    image 2    image 3    image 4    image 5

Next we need to prepare the five images for animation.
Activate your first image. The one with only five flowers on it.
Make your Layer Palette Active. Delete the curve layer on each of your five images.

Activate the first image, Select Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.
Then save each image. I saved mine flower1.psp, flower2.psp, etc. Leave all the images open so they'll be handy in case you need to undo the merge
and move one or more of the flower images.

It's time to animate. Launch Animation Shop. Select Animation Wizard. Use these settings:
Screen #1: Tick "Same size as the first frame" then click Next button.
Screen #2: Tick "Transparent" then click Next button.
Screen #3: Tick "Centered in the frame" and "With the canvas color" then check "Scale frames to fit" box. Click Next button.
Screen #4: Tick "Yes" to repeat the animation indefinitely. Type 10 for length of time. Click Next button.
Screen #5: Add the five image files. Make sure they are in numerical order. Click Next button.
Screen #6: Click the Finish button on this screen.

From the menu bar, click View, then Animation.

If the animation pleases you, save it. I always put ani- in front of mine,
so I saved mine as ani-fallingflower.gif. If you're not pleased go back to PSP, undo the merge on the layers,
and move the flowers around a bit. Resave, and try animating again. Press the Next button for each of the screens as Animation Shop Optimizes the final image. I left my settings to the highest quality. Press the Next button and the final screen, Press the Finish button.

You should end up with something similar to mine:
Animated Falling Flower

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