Animated Falling Flower

Falling Flowers Tutorial

For Beginners

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by Joyce Kohl

part 1

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Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro 7

Object Tube:    I used one of my Country Flower Tubes

Open the tube file in your PSP program, then from the main menu bar, select File and cursor down to Export/Picture Tube. Leave the default settings. If the name slot is blank, name it jk-countryflower2.

Level of Experience:    Beginner

If you experience any problems or see an error in either spelling or grammar, send an email to me at describing the problem or error. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours.

In order to show beginner's all the tools and screens they should see, this tutorial will be long and contain a lot of graphics.


On your menu bar, click on File, then Open.
Use these settings to create a new image 64 x 256
new image

This is what you should have:
first image

Add a new Raster layer, name it Curved Line.
Naming it will allow you to easily find it later when it needs to be deleted.
new raster layer

Set your foreground to black; background to null.
Settings are on the right side of your screen.
To set the styles, click on the black triangle beside the style boxes, select the brush and the color options box appears.
Select black. On the bottom style box, click on the triangle, then select the null circle.

draw tool  Click on the Draw tool on the left of your screen near the bottom.

Use these settings for the draw tool.
tool options freehand

If your Tool Option Box isn't open,
click on the icon that looks like this tool options. It's under your menu bar

Draw a line similar to this one.
Use the menu selection, Edit/Undo or Ctrl+Z to undo it until it's about right.
It can be any direction you like and as curvy as you like.
curved line

Once you have your curved line drawn, duplicate the image five times by pressing Shift+D five times.
Line up your new images side by side.
Then save the original as a template to use another time.
Be sure to use the "Save As" option like this:

save as

Once you've chosen the Save As option, the window below pops up.
Put your template into a folder where you can find it,
or create a special folder. If you want to save it to be compatible with older versions of PSP,
click on the options box and tick the radio dial in the PSP 5 area.
Don't change anything else.
Now type a name in File Name slot, then press the save button.

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