Installing Filters/Plugins

by Joyce Kohl

Written March 9, 2005
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Programs used for this tutorial:
VM [Filter]
Paint Shop Pro 9

The process of downloading and installing filters for Paint Shop Pro is a question asked of me often. Though I'm using V9, and the screenshots inside PSP may be a tad different, I think you can still understand this tutorial/help.

First, of course, you need to download the filter. For this tutorial, it's the VM filter which contains one of my favorites - Sparkle. I use IE for my browser, so here is the option screen I get when I click on a download link. Click on the Save button.

You can, of course, save the file to any folder - just remember WHERE you saved it. I have a special Download folder on my hard drive. Under it are subfolder categories and sometimes the name of programs.

I use WinZip which puts an a new option in the screen when I right-click my mouse on a zip icon in any of my folders. For this particular download I want to choose where the file is installed, so I would choose the Extract to...

and add the filter to my Plugins folder. All my registered and free filters are installed in C:\Plugins1. If I download a trial plugin/filter, I install it in Plugins2. When/if I register it, I uninstall it and reinstall in Plugins1.

Back to Winzip - select where you want this new plugin to be installed with WinZip's options screen. Tick the options shown here as some filters have subfolders and WinZip will create them. I want the folder to be named VM. WinZip will create the folder.

PSP has be told where your filters are located. If you haven't already done this, here's how: Select File/File Preferences/File Locations [your version of PSP may differ].

My file locations inside PSP9. From here you can easily browse to the folder where you installed your filter. I moved mine to the top.

If your new plugin/filter doesn't show up in PSP, close PSP, then reopen it.

That's it!

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