Kewdles and Kritters by Joyce
The regular copyright stuff applies - this is my original creation, so please don't upload this tutorial to any other site or send through emails. Share ONLY the URL.

Your finished image is yours to use as you please.

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro 7

Eye Candy 4000
Optional:  My Eyes & Nose PSP - PSP 5, 6 & 7 Compatible.

Let's start creating Kewdles!
Remember to SAVE after each step.

Step #1
Open a New image 500 x 500 transparent, 16.5 million colors.

Step #2
With your selection tool, draw a circle in the center

Step #3
Fill the circle using the stroke/foreground color you prefer. I used #2465A2

Step #4
Select Effects/Plugins/Eye Candy 4000/Fur. From the Settings menu, choose Long and Wavy, then change settings like mine or fiddle with them to get what you prefer - I changed the color to white:

image1     image 2

Step #5
Repeat Eye Candy 4000/Fur, but this time select Blue-haired punk from the Settings menu and change the direction to 290:

image 3    image 4

Step #6
Select Image/Rotate, use these settings:

image 5

Step #7
Apply Eye Candy 4000 again, changing the settings to these [or to your preference]:

image 6

Step #8
Create the eyes - if you use the eyes and nose psp file I provided [and exported it as a tube], then you can skip the steps for creating the eyes and nose. Add a new layer, activate the tube tool, stamp the eyes on your Kewdle body. If the eyes are too big, use the undo, then scale the tube down and place it again. The eyes and nose should be about the middle of the Kewdle body. I prefer no mouth at all, so there's no instructions here on how to make it. You could use the draw tool or even a preshape for a mouth.

Creating your own eyes is really quite easy once you do it a few times. *s*  Start by selecting your colors. Foreground/Stroke color, black; Background/Fill color whatever you like. I used #2465A2.

Add a new layer. Using the Preshape tool with these settings, draw the eye. Use the move tool to place it in the middle of the Kewdle, or just below the center.

image 7    image 8    image 9

Step #9
Add a new layer, draw a black pupil. Move into place with move tool or if the size needs changing, use the deformation tool to make it fit, apply the deformation.

Add another layer for the highlights. Using the Paint Brush, size 3, color white, draw some highlights. Then select Image/Blur/Blur.

image 10    image 11

Step #10
Set your layer palette like this - click the glasses on the body layer, activate one of the eye layers, then select Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. Rename the merged layer to eye.

image 12

Step #11
Right click on the eye layer, select duplicate. Use the move tool to move the second eye into place.

image 14    image 13

Step #12
Add a new layer, select the triangle preshape, fill color black, foreground null.Draw a triangle for the nose. Use the move tool to place it - or if it needs shaping or sizing, select the deformation tool to change it. Then apply the deformation.

image 15   image 16    image 17

Step #13
Select Image/3D Effects/Inner Bevel. Apply the default Round setting.

image 18

If you want to tube your eyes and nose, merge visible the eyes and nose layers, then copy/paste as a new layer, then export as a tube.

Step #14
Your basic Kewdle is finished. Now you can add a hat or whatever you wish. Here's how I added a Preshape hat the color I wanted it to be, and then enhanced it with shadowing:

Select the preshape tool, find the yellow hat, use these settings and colors [Black and #BB4949]:

image 19    image 20

Step #15
Change the band color by using the magic wand, holding down the Shift key and then clicking on the band and the extra piece sticking up. Change the top [foreground/stroke] color to a darker shade and fill the band. I used #911717.

image 21    image 22

You should have this now:

image 23

Step #16
Shading the hat can be done several ways. For this hat, add a new layer, then use the Airbrush with these settings going around the outside of the hat. Then apply a Gaussian Blur [Effects/Blur/Gaussian Blur] of 6.00.

image 24    image 25

My finished hat [on the band, I lightened some areas with the smudge tool]

image 26

Save your Kewdle as a PSP file, then copy it [Ctrl + D] and close your original to save for colorizing, changing hats, or adding other things to your Kewdle. Using your copy, grab the crop tool and crop it closely leaving a few pixels on all sizes. Double-click when finished. Merge/Merge Invisible, export as a tube.

Warning! Kewdles multiply quickly - much like the Tribbles did in Star Trek.

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