Special Valentine

Special Valentine

Tutorial by Joyce Kohl
February 2005

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This is my original creation. Please don't upload this tutorial to any other site or send through emails. Share ONLY the URL.

Your finished image made from this tutorial is yours.

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro 9. You can download a trial copy HERE.

Download the files you need - unzip and use as described below.

tile.jpg. Open it in PSP and minimize.
jk-vic-valentine11.psp file. Compatible with PSP 5-9. Open in psp and export as a picture tube.
JK-Gold_Glitter.pspimage. Copy to your PSP Patterns folder.
Bevel, Preset_jk-specialheart.PspScript. Put this in your Presets folder.

Remember to SAVE after each step . . . in psp format to preserve the layers.
I named mine jk-memory_valentine. There are NO visual images to help. This tutorial assumes you have an intermediate to advanced skill with Paint Shop Pro 9.

Step #1

Open the Open a nice big new image 500 x 500 transparent, 16.5 million colors. Flood fill with my tile.jpg. Rename layer to bg1.

Step #2

Add a new layer naming it bg2. Flood fill with E4D7D1. On your layer palette, lower opacity to 76.

Step #3

Add a new layer, name it heart. Select the Preset Shape Tool. Select the heart, check anti-alias. Set foreground color to null, background color to red. I used C00000. Draw out a medium sized heart in the center of your image - about 1 1/2 inches from all sides. We'll crop it later.

Step #4

Go to Effects/Inner Bevel, select jk-specialheart. Add a drop shadow: Vertical and Horizontal 2; Opacity 47; Blur 8; Color Black.

Update, August, 2005: Several people have not been able to install the preset, so here's the settings - you can save it in your own presets now:

Bevel Settings

I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Step #5

Add a new layer, name it tube. Select jk-vic-valentine11, I used mine at 100%, but you may need to scale it to fit over the heart and extend a bit over each side. Add the same drop shadow used in Step #4.

Step #6

Set foreground color to the color of the envelope [I used E4D7D1]. Select the Paintbrush Tool, size between 10-15. Paint out the text on the envelope. Once your envelope is blank, add a new layer, name it text. Set foreground to null, background to 9C6A58. Select the text tool, a script font, and a size to fit on the envelope. You'll have to experiment for size and number of words you use. I used Shelley Volante Script, size 22. Type your text. Now select the Deform tool. Using the arrows, move the text until it fits correctly on the envelope. Deselect by clicking on any other tool.

Step #7

Two choices here:
1. If you use a tube, then add a new layer, name it photo. Then with your Picture Tube Tool, select the photo, and put it on top of your heart where you want it to be. Mine is a bit off-center.
2. If you want to use a photo not tubed, then open it, copy it, then paste as a new layer. Rename layer photo. Once you have the photo placed, turn down the opacity to around 36. Use your Move Tool to moved the photo around to where you want it

Step #8

Select the crop tool, draw it out around the heart leaving some space on all sides. I even cropped a bit off the head. My image is now 354 x 330.

Step #9

Save again, leaving all layers in case you want to use it for other photos. Copy it, Ctrl+D, and close the original psp file. Save the copy with a new name. I named mine jk-clem_valentine [my husband's name]. Right click on any layer in the layer palette, select Merge/Merge Visible

Step #10

Select Image/Add Borders. Size 8, White. With the Magic Wand Tool, click on the white border to select it. Flood fill with my JK-Gold_Glitter, Angle 36, Scale 100. Add a drop shadow - same as in Step #4. Add another drop shadow changing H/D to -2. Deselect

Step #11

Select Image/Add Borders. Size 4, Red [C00000]. With the Magic Wand Tool, click on the red border to select it. Add the same bevel as in other steps. Deselect

Step #12

Add a layer. Add your signature or watermark. Export as a jpg.



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