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A Tutorial by Joyce Kohl

Written July 15, 2004
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Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro 8.10. Other versions will work, too. You can download a trial copy of v8 from Jasc.
A tube of your choice, or you can use the tube I used, a tiger cub.

Step #1: Open a new transparent image 100 x 100, 16 million colors. This will be your working square.

Step #2: Click on the tube tool , select jk-tigercub, set scale to 10.

Left click in the square. It doesn't matter where as long as the entire image is visible. If you chose a larger tube than the tiger cub, a scale of 10 may still be too large. If so, resize it until you have an image about the size of this one, then sharpen it. Always sharpen when resizing:

For this image and the next five at scales 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15, here's my quick and easy way to create all six images needed:
1. After stamping each scaled image in your working square, use your keyboard and press CTRL/C [copy], then CTRL/V [paste as a new image]
2. Place this image on the left side of your workspace. 3. Press CTRL/Z to undo the tube in your working square and create the next image.

Step #3: Repeat Step 2 for each of the remaining five images needed, except increase the tube scale for each image. The increase is not always the same. You'll have to be the judge. For the tiger cub, I incremented the scale by one. That is, image 2 is scaled at 11, image 3 is scaled at 12, etc.

Step #4: Line up your images. Lining them up insures you have all six needed and to save them in the right order - small to large [or you can reverse the steps and start with the largest image you want and then scale down]. If you intend to make more trailer sets, leave the working image open. If not, close it.

I split my line of images for displaying in this tutorial, but I usually leave them in a continuous line across my workspace because I make several sets at a time before I save them.

Step #5: Save each image in transparent GIF format - the smallest is #1, next is #2, and so on with the largest #6. I saved these as tigercub1.gif, tigercub2.gif, etc.

I have a GIF Optimizer icon on my customized toolbar and all I do is click on the GIF icon.

If you don't have an icon, then select File/Export/GIF Optimizer for each save.
Set your GIF Optimizer to match mine - nothing needs to be set on the Download Times:

That's it!

All you need now is the script to make your trailers or floaters to work. Go HERE to get it and the instructions. If you can't find it, you can view the source from your browser and copy mine. Be sure to change the image names, location of images, and sizes for other images. That's ALL you need to change. If you made the tiger cub the same as mine, you can use the script as is.

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